Caeli Evo
Rs. 999

Get the ultimate protection with Caeli Evo, All day comfort and head turning style.

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Choose your bundle
Solo (Out of Stock)Rs. 999
(1 Mask, 1 Fan, 10 Filters)
Duo (Out of Stock)Rs. 1799
(2 Masks, 2 Fans, 30 Filters)
Trio (Out of Stock)Rs. 2499
(3 Masks, 3 Fans, 50 Filters)
Replaceable Filters

Rs. 199 (Pack of 30)

Buy replacement filters for your Evo Mask, We recommend changing your filter every 5th day to maintain good Air quality. Pack of 30 will last you 4-5 months
New Mask
Rs. 150
Buy replacement mask for your Caeli Evo and make it new again, or use it as a backup between washes to keep your Evo Mask always ready. Your Caeli mask can stand upto 100 washes.
What's in the Box

Mask (1)
Fan Module (1)
Replacement Filters (10)
Micro USB Cable (1)
Carry Pouch (1)